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January 1, 2015



In December I was honored to travel to Haiti to serve the communities and two orphanages along side 50 other chiropractors and chiropractic students.  It was a humbling experience, and a great reminder that we don't need a lot of physical items past the necessities in order to be happy and content.
December 16, 2014

Ms. America Meets Governor

Dr. Stephanie Mills with Gov. Maggie Hassan. Photo credit: Louis H. Foisy
Dr. Stephanie Mills with Gov. Maggie Hassan. Photo credit: Louis H. Foisy
I was so impressed with NH Governor Maggie Hassan's warmth and presence. She was joy to speak with about my platform, Making An Impact: Concussion Awareness, as well as the benefits of chiropractic care.  I'm proud that my home state is well represented by not only a female governor, but also well-spoken women in the US Congress as well! 
December 1, 2014


Happy Holidays! Such a magical time of year... yesterday I was suprised by the most beautiful mirrored jewlery box delivered to my front door!  There was no note inside, a mystery secret santa at first.  Well, it didn't take my daughter long to guess that this precious keepsake was a gift from Susan Jeske, my Ms. America director.  As it turns out, Susan was given the same jewlery box when she was the reigning Ms. America!  Susan is such a generous director... thoughtful, caring and fun!...
November 1, 2014


November has been a month for traveling!  From Miami for the Prestige Pageantry Awards to our nation's capital to share awareness of concussions, I've been logging the frequent flyer miles.  Last week I was honored to be a presenter at the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Freedom for Family Wellness event in Washington, DC.  Today I visited with young patients at the Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital in Baltimore along with super heroes from the Foundation4Heroes non-profit...
October 17, 2014

Crowned barefoot?

First official walk, Dr. Stephanie Mills, Ms. America 2014
First official walk, Dr. Stephanie Mills, Ms. America 2014

We had competed in all phases of competition, fitness, evening wear and on-stage question, before the curtains closed for intermission.  There was an air of anticipation, relief and excitement as the contestants enjoyed the last few minutes together as the "Ms. America Class of 2014" in the dressing room below the stage.  I had taken my high heels off to rest my feet, but didn't dare sit down for fear of crushing my velvet gown.  (No girl wants an irreversible butt-print on her favo...

September 28, 2014

Ms America Walks for Brain Injury

Ms America Stephanie Mills with daughter Emilee
Ms America Stephanie Mills with daughter Emilee
A beautiful day to raise funds and awareness for the Brain Injury Association of NH at their annual Walk by the Sea at Hampton Beach.  Our team won the award for most creative team name!
September 20, 2014

Ms. America Visits NYC

Ms. America in Times Square
Ms. America in Times Square

Being a special guest in the audience of "Pageant the Musical," a fantastic off broadway show in NYC, was a night to remember!  Actors dressed as pageant contestants competed in several phases of competition in a hilarius musical parady of pageantry.  I was introduced during the play a "visiting royalty" and became a legitimate part of the interactive show.  The night's winner was selected by audience vote and crowned on stage!  What a fun-filled night, finished off by a quick trip to Time...

August 25, 2014

Supporting our Troops

It was an honor to speak at the opening ceremony of the Tee It Up for the Troops golf tournament in Huntington Beach, CA.  The American troops deserve our thanks and support for their sacrifices on our behalf.
August 24, 2014

Laguna Photo Shoot

Look! Even the phone booth has a crown!
Look! Even the phone booth has a crown!
Exploring downtown Laguna and the historic Laguna Beach as captured by talented photographer Gina Waggener. 
August 19, 2014

Photoshoot with Todd Ward

So thrilled to have a studio shoot with Todd Ward in my home state of New Hampshire!  Thank you to pageant sponsor and judge John Brown for providing every contestant with a fun and unqiue blinged out shirt!  We all loved our gifts and prizes, just for being contestants!
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